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119th International Conference on Difference Equations & Applications Department of Mathematics & Statistics                                                       Sultan Qaboos University
Conference Venue: Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman The construction of Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) campus started in  1982 in the Al-Khoud region of the capital area. The first students  enrolled in 1986 in five colleges; Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture,  Education and Science. The College of Arts was opened in 1987 and the  College of Commerce and Economics was opened in 1993. Two more  colleges were added later; the College of Law (2006) and the College of  Nursing (2008).  The University is 16 km to the west of the Muscat International Airport  and about 35 km from the main downtown area. Set in a valley of the  nearby foothills of the Oman Mountains, the university is a tasteful array  of buildings designed with arches and courtyards and constructed in white  and pink sandstone in a manner that reflects traditional Omani and  Islamic architecture. The University was constructed on an axis in the  valley with one end aligned toward Mecca. The University Mosque at the  western end of the campus with its large dome and minarets, is situated on  the higher ground of the campus, and is visible from many points within  and around the University. The University landscape include plants  species native to Oman and other Gulf regions that grow and flourish in  an arid environment. The landscaping provides shade from the sun,  shelter against the wind, and a splendid display of color from flowers and  foliage throughout the year. The botanical gardens in the University is the  only one of its kind in the Gulf with a variety of plants and trees.  In short, the campus portrays the rich heritage of Oman and Islam while  incorporating all the efficiencies of modern life. The result is an  educational and living environment which is both functional and  attractive. See the location of SQU on Google Earth. 
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