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119th International Conference on Difference Equations & Applications Department of Mathematics & Statistics                                                       Sultan Qaboos University
Topological Dynamics The theory of dynamical systems has grown in many directions. One possible approach is analysis of the  system by its qualitative properties. Tools that can be applied can come from other branches  of mathematic, such as topology, measure theory, combinatorics and functional analysis; there is (and should  be) no unified approach.  In this session we will focus mainly on properties of continuous transformations on compact metric spaces  (discrete time dynamical systems). Topological aspects of dynamics of these systems including entropy, chaos,  limit sets, sets of periods, rotation theory will be of particular interest. Applications of this theory to  Economics, Physics, Engineering, Biology and other fields are welcome as well. We have the 20-minute and  30-minute options for contributed talks in this session.    For more information: Please contact the session organizers Professor  Piotr Oprocha                                                                                    Professor Henk Bruin oprocha@agh.edu.pl                                                                                       henk.bruin@univie.ac.at http://home.agh.edu.pl/~oprocha/                                                         http://www.mat.univie.ac.at/~bruin/ Faculty of Applied Mathematics                                                                   Faculty of Mathematics AGH University of Science and Technology                                                   University of Vienna al. Mickiewicza 30                                                                                           Nordbergstrasse 15 30-059 Kraków                                                                                                    1090 Vienna Poland                                                                                                                       Austria
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