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119th International Conference on Difference Equations & Applications Department of Mathematics & Statistics                                                       Sultan Qaboos University
Applications of Dynamical Systems with Delays Dynamical Systems with Delays (DSDs) now occupy a place of central importance in all areas of science  and particularly in the biological and physical sciences. They have a richer mathematical framework and  better consistency (compared with models without memory or after-effects) when modeling biosciences  phenomena.  Examples occur in population dynamics (taking into account the gestation and the maturation  time), infectious diseases (accounting for the incubation periods), physiological and pharmaceutical  kinetics (modeling, for example, hematopoiesis and respiration, where the delays are due respectively to  cell maturation and blood transport between lung and brain, etc.), chemical and enzyme kinetics (such as  mixing reactants), and biological immune response (in which the antibody production by the B-cell  population depends on the antigenic stimulation at earlier time.  However, many such problems are stiff, in  the sense that they have properties that make them slow and expensive to solve using explicit numerical  methods. Difficulties due to stiffness often appear to be due to the differences in speed between the fastest  and slowest components of the solutions, and stability constraints. The efficient use of reliable numerical  methods (based in general on implicit formulae) for dealing with stiff DSDs involves a degree of  sophistication not necessarily available to non-specialists.   The aim of this special session is to explore current directions of research in DSDs and related applications, such as Dynamic Diseases, and Biosciences.  This session welcomes talks in Discrete and Continuous Models with Delay in Biosciences and Dynamic Diseases. We have the 20-minute and 30-minute options for contributed talks in this session.  For more information: Please contact the session organizer Professor Fathalla A. Rihan http://faculty.uaeu.ac.ae/frihan/ frihan@uaeu.ac.ae  Department of Mathematical Sciences, College of Science, UAE University, Al Ain, 1551, UAE
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