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119th International Conference on Difference Equations & Applications Department of Mathematics & Statistics                                                       Sultan Qaboos University
Special Sessions The organizing committee of the ICDEA2013 is welcoming proposals for special sessions. The main  objective of a Special Session (SS) is to give a chance to those who have common interest in a topic  within the theme of the ICDEA 2013 to meet, share their views and have in-depth exposure to that  particular topic.  Anyone who is interested in organizing a SS should send her/his proposal to the  organizing committee (ICDEA2013@alsharawi.info). The following important remarks have to be  taken into considerations:    After receiving a proposal, the Organizing Committee (in consultation with the Scientific  Committee) informs the proposer of the special session, whether we can or cannot open the  proposed session.      The organizer of an approved SS can go ahead and invite her/his peers to participate in that SS.  A cc of the invitation should go to the ICDEA2013 Organizing committee.    The ICDEA2013 has no budget for giving financial support to participants or organizers of  special sessions.    Participants of an SS have to submit their abstracts and register for the ICDEA2013 through the  normal process, which is given on the ICDEA2013 website. However, the organizing  committee of the ICDEA2013 shall take the recommendation of the organizer of the SS into  consideration.     The schedule of an SS will be prepared by the ICDEA2013 organizing committee in  consultation with the session organizer. In addition, the chairman of that session will be decided  by the session organizer. 
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